Wednesday, November 27, 2013


HI Again, well it's been a few weeks since I wrote.

Maybe a few reasons.

One being, we've been finishing our basement for about that amount of time.  Did a lot of painting, moving stuff, arranging the house.  We're excited to have this project done.  I won't put up a bunch of pictures, but I'll post one that may make those of you that know me know that it's my basement.  (Well, not just mine, but at least a Gordon basement)

The second reason is, seems like I've been doing a lot of observing recently.  Taking in life, taking in what's going on around me.  There's been stuff happen in my life, and in my family's lives, but I've also watched the lives of other people, and today, I was reminded again through a song, what all of those situations need.

It all comes down to having hope.  I've often wondered, and said, how do you live this life without hope, without real hope.  I'm not talking about, "man, I sure hope things work out", or "hope you get to feeling better".  I'm talking about the hope that we have because of what we're going to be hearing all about over the course of next month or so. The Savior that came to save the world and give us Hope.  Yeah, it will be called a holiday season, but to me it will always be Christmas, and I'll call it that.  Christ is the reason for Christmas, and that's where our hope lies.

Here's a list of a few things that I've observed, in my life, or the lives of people I know and interact with the last few weeks:
* divorce
* custody battles
* sickness
* hospitalization
* physical pain
* mental anguish
* spiritual battles
* traffic accidents
* financial hardships
* job hardships
* unrest in the home

I think we can also get drawn into the trap of thinking things are OK because life may be going smoothly.  We can put our hope in things that bring us joy too.  They can become a distraction in having us think about where our true hope and joy come from.
Things like:
*  Job
*  Time with family and friends
*  Sports teams and games
*  material blessings
*  being involved in church and charitable activities
*  being a good person

These few things are all good, and can be a blessing, but not what we need to base our life on.

Hope......In good times, in tough times.  All of those things ran through my mind last Sunday as I thought on the words of one song that we sang.  The song, Jesus Messiah, written by Chris Tomlin.  In the bridge the words go like this..."all our hope is in You, all our hope is in You, all the Glory to You God, the Light of the World".  

I came across this version of the song, performed by a group called Dave's Highway.  I watched one version when they were probably 12 years old, then one with them singing it live with Chris Tomlin, then finally found this version, performed this year.  Beautiful harmonies from these teenagers.  Simple, but powerful.

I'm thankful this Thanksgiving for Hope, The Hope, The Light of the World.  Without Him, the bad times are tougher, and the good times, are just good times.  Nothing more.  With Him, the bad times are doable, and maybe, dare I say, a blessing......and the good times, are more enjoyable and cherished, because it's not all their is.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Gordon's.  May your hope be in Him.