Thursday, January 2, 2014

Music Does It Again

Greetings....I hope this finds you well, full of holiday cheer, and food.  Time to get back to normal, whatever that looks like very soon.  

We have had a fantastic Christmas break and holiday. We celebrated our 30th Wedding Anniversary on Dec. 30th, and we've got more to go, a nephew's wedding this Sunday.  We've got a few more nights of family get togethers, food, and fun yet ahead.  Then, it's back to meal replacement shakes and the fitness routine.

One of the highlights of our break was a trip back to Manning, and a performance with our OLD group,
The Blues Brothers.

We didn't practice together one minute.  Three of them that live in Manning got together a couple of times, but it was basically, get up and go.  We hadn't sung together since 2006, but it was unbelievable how the songs came back to us, and I think we actually did alright.  It was fantastic actually.

Fantastic to see a few of our closest friends on this earth, and to sing with a group of guys that spent eight years together singing for different events, in many different venues.  We shared some of our favorite stories again, laughed a lot, and appreciated the opportunity.  It also allowed me to find out one of the "brothers' lives less than 15 minutes from me now.

And the people of Manning.  Wow, are they terrific.  That group, The Blues Brothers, seems to be a part of of the community.  I think we're the town's group.  They are so kind and appreciative.  I don't know. Is it because we were just a bunch of local guys with different backgrounds and jobs who could sing and play a little bit? Is it because of our lead singer's incredible good looks, our drummers ability to never age, or the bands founder being able to play the piano, and our songs, in any key, without any music? (freaky good)

Whatever it is, it's special, and music brought us back together.  It provided moments from 1992-1999 that were special for us, and provided a chance for all of us to share something that we enjoyed.  It also provided a bond with the community of Manning.  So, thanks again Manning for allowing us to entertain you.  Your encouragement allowed us to be together and create some special friendships that endure the test of time and miles. looks like Manning is going to bring us together again in the Summer of 2015.  Maybe we'll practice for that one.  Can't wait.

Until next time, Hope your 2014 is filled with opportunity, challenge, growth, and moments that are blessed by doing something you enjoy, with people you enjoy doing it with.