Sunday, April 30, 2017

Why We Should Answer The Knock on the Door

I'll admit that when I'm home relaxing and there's a knock on the door, I may not get off of the couch to answer it.  If I can peak at the front door and don't know who it is, I may not.  It's very James Bond like but quite silly. It's a lot easier to answer the door when it's the grand kids or I know who it is. How many times does God possibly knock on the door for us to do something and we don't answer because of the uncertainty of not knowing or wanting to leave the comfort of our life's couch.

I'm amazed when I think about the path our family has been on throughout my teaching and coaching career.  I'm also so thankful that God gave me a wife and our three kids who didn't shy away from the moves, new schools, jobs and friends when we've packed up the truck and moved on. Some have even used the phrase "Where's Gordon" instead of "Where's Waldo".  No comments please about any similarities.  I don't even own brown shoes.

One move we made seems to stand out more than the others.  Who knew that our move to Norfolk, NE and Nebraska Christian College for me to be the Dean of Students/Athletic Director/Men's Basketball Coach would put in motion where we are today, in particular with our oldest daughter Nicole.
  1. Had we not moved to Norfolk, would Nicole have been exposed to NCC and had a desire to attend? 
  2. If she doesn't attend NCC, does she meet her husband Brett? 
  3. If she doesn't meet and marry Brett, does she end up in Salt Lake City, UT where they minister in a church and to the many people in the city that need Jesus? 
  4. If she doesn't move to Salt Lake City, does she become a certified pastry chef? (Maybe not as significant in the grand scheme but still really cool), 

Our moves have taken us to several stops, but the move to the land of the Big Red seems like it had the broadest impact, not because of anything that Deb and I did special but just the plan that God put in motion when we went.  

In another blog (The Rider Way), I write as an Activities Administrator with emphasis on leadership and character. I'm writing a piece about opportunity knocking from an educational activities perspective, but from this personal and family experience it seems fairly simple.  When opportunity knocks at your door, listen and go through it.  The door that opens may seem small and like any other door at first, but be assured it will be part of a bigger picture that we have no way of seeing.  Open it in faith, go through it in faith and stay in it in faith until He opens up another one.  

I believe God is always on the move and wants everyone to hear the gospel.  Sometimes He needs us to physically move ourselves so He can work through the move to accomplish that.  He may or may not be done moving you but keep listening for a knock at the door.